At Compassionate Care and Compassionate Care & Support, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for you or your cherished family member. Our comprehensive range of care services is carefully designed to support individuals with diverse needs, empowering them to maintain their independence.

Our service offerings encompass Home Care, Mental Health Support, Stepdown provision, Supported Living, Emergency Accommodation & Respite, Children's Outreach, Residential Services, and Specialised Support.

Our core belief is rooted in treating each and every client with the same level of care and respect that we would extend to our own family members.

Our dedicated and compassionate team of Support Workers stands ready to provide customised high-quality care, enabling you or your loved one to live as independently as possible.

Careers taking a wheelchair user on a walk

Our Care

Care is completely tailored around the individual, which means as well as practical aspects of care like help with dressing, washing & keeping the house clean, tidy. We also help to build confidence and rediscover the skills that enable people to live more independently at home.

We want to be more than just your carer, we want to be your friend and confidante-someone you look forward to seeing and feeling you can trust and rely on.

Our Team

Caring is about people, and that includes our team. We provide extensive, ongoing training for care staff and regular checks to make sure high standards are upheld. Many of our senior team, have first-hand experience of giving care, which means we understand how to best care for you or your loved one.

If you'd like to join our close-knit team, get in touch. We'd love to hear from people who are looking for more than just care job and can genuinely bring a bit of sunshine and happiness.

Our Values

We work hard to be like an extension of your family network, and that means having clear communication, setting high standards for ourselves and giving you peace of mind that we're giving your loved one the right level of care.

Staff are highly trained and vetted, our pricing is transparent, and we do everything we can to give your loved one a better quality of life and more independence at home.



Discover Compassionate Care Services, your trusted partner in personalised support. We are committed to enhancing your well-being through our exceptional care.

Home Care

We offer home care that gives you exactly the level of support you or your loved one needs to live safely and independently at home.

Supported Living

We offer supported living to help adults with learning disabilities and those facing mental health challenges to live full, independent lives.

Emergency Accommodation & Respite

Compassionate Care & Support provides specialised assistance for individuals with learning difficulties and autism, including Emergency accommodation for unforeseen crises and Respite care to ensure individualised support during critical times.

Children Outreach and Residential Services

Compassionate Children's Services is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to children and their families through carefully designed programs that create a safe and nurturing environment for children's growth and development.

Specialist Support

We offer specialist support to people with a range of rare and complex conditions to help live fulfilling and independent lives.

Mental Health Stepdown Provision

Compassionate Care & Support empowers individuals with mental health challenges through specialised step-down services, bridging the gap between hospital carre and independent living.

"My support workers know me so well they can anticipate what I need before I even have a problem"

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