Wondering if the care industry is right for you? We have a few reasons why our staff love doing what they do…

Making a Difference

This is perhaps the most talked about advantage of working in care- the satisfaction that comes from helping people every day. Providing care for people who you see regularly can be a very rewarding experience, as you can see for yourself the difference you are making to someone’s life. Many people enjoy their care work as it gives them a sense of achievement to know that they have spent their time giving back to the community.

Diversity in All Areas

No day in care is the same- you are constantly being introduced to new people, new environments and new tasks. From just a couple of weeks working in care you can learn so many different skills due to the varied work-day! For example, you can gain valuable clinical skills such as taking blood pressure readings or counting respiratory rate. You are also able to specialize in lots of different areas; this could be in the type of care you are providing- working in supported living or domiciliary care for example- or in the types of people you support- such as working with the elderly, or with children & young people.

Job Security & Career Progression

There is continual professional development because, as mentioned previously, you are consistently developing new skills, which can in turn qualify you for higher positions within the industry. Starting as a support worker is a brilliant opportunity to work your way up to higher positions without need for a university degree. Many people start work in care as support workers and from there, grow their careers into higher managerial positions. The job security when going into care is also very high, as there will always be a need for support. In fact, the need for care workers is predicted to only increase over the next 10 years!

Meeting new people

This kind of work relies on teamwork heavily as working together to provide the best care possible is extremely important. This means you are likely to from strong relationships with those you work with. Not only this, but you will also be meeting and supporting new clients!

Flexibility in hours

Work in care will never be restricted to a 9-5, Monday to Friday schedule, as people need support at different times. This means that there is a lot of flexibility in the hours and days you work, so working around childcare or other commitments can be a lot more simple than what it may be in other industries.

Compassionate Care Group

A career in care in general is a fantastic path to take, but a career with Compassionate Care Group is even better! We provide lots of work benefits including a fully funded care certificate, free enhanced DBS, our company pension scheme and much more. We are a family run, award winning company with a core passion to put our clients first, and the community we have built is so supportive and makes us a great company to start your career in care with.